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École supérieure
d'aménagement du territoire
et de développement régional

Master’s Program in Aménagement du territoire et développement régional (Thesis)

  • About the program
  • A Master’s in Aménagement du territoire et développement régional (with a Thesis) (M.ATDR) is a research-oriented, 2-year accredited graduate program which offers specialties in urban dynamics, regional vitality, sustainable development, environmental protection, transportation and practice innovation. While gaining an interdisciplinary perspective on the profession, students acquire the necessary skills to inform the decision-making process at the various planning and development stages. The program culminates with a written Master’s thesis, which addresses an original topic relating to one or several of the areas of specialties offered at ÉSAD.

  • Eligibility
  • Career Opportunities
  • Program Particulars
  • Teaching Philosophy
  • Learning Path (FR)