Building Blocks for Sustainable Transport: Obstacles, Trends, Solutions

M. Martin Lee-Gosselin a co-édité le livre "Building Blocks for Sustainable Transport: Obstacles, Trends, Solutions", paru en 2008. Le livre comporte notamment un chapitre intitulé "The Metropolitan Field: an Emerging Form that may Condition the Sustainability of Transport", portant sur la grande région de Québec dont MM Paul Villeneuve, Martin Lee-Gosselin et Rémy Barbonne sont les co-auteurs.

This book argues that the issues surrounding sustainable transport constitute a new – post-modern – phase in transport policy and management. Achieving sustainable transport requires more than "optimal" management of congestion and the effects on public health and the environment. Assessments of external effects, and their optimal levels, tend to be piecemeal, localised and focused on a specific type of effect. Sustainability, on the other hand, is a comprehensive, forward-looking concept that encompasses the achievement of a state of society that is better overall; it requires a widened concept of welfare that includes environmental quality and social justice in both the short and long term.
The book is organised into three sections, each discussing a major set of challenges to the transition to a sustainable transport system. The first section, "How to cast the future", deals with feasible transition pathways. The second section, "Spatial economic interactions in a sustainable setting", deals with spatial interaction processes, and the crucial role they play in linking many dimensions of sustainability. The third part, "Effectiveness and acceptability: the keys to implementation", argues that the social dimension of the transition to sustainability should be addressed right from the start, and not treated as the final hurdle to be overcome.

Notice complète:
Perrels, Adriaan, Veli Himanen & Martin Lee-Gosselin (eds), 2008. Building Blocks for Sustainable Transport: Obstacles, Trends, Solutions. Bingley, UK, Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 352 pp. ISBN: 9780080447094