Canadian and European Cities in MegaRegions: Planning for the Global World

Summer 2012 symposium – Dublin, Ireland, and Barcelona, Spain

The second MEGAPOLITAN symposium was held in Barcelona and Dublin from september 2 to september 9, 2012. The underlying theme was “The creative and artistic sector and its role in city development.”

The 2012 Megapolitan symposium examines the creative and artistic sector and its role in city development. This will outline the historical analysis of such sectors in our cities and examine the current role of such sectors in our economic development and regeneration strategies for our cities particularly in the light of the current financial crisis. As our cities move towards a knowledge-driven economy it is quality of life issues that are seen as essential to the creation and maintenance of new knowledge and innovation driven  city  regions.

Specific initiatives are underway in Dublin and Barcelona involving interesting policy initiatives, synergies and developments will be explored in our year end seminar involving study visits in both cities. Students will be expected to present projects exploring the different approaches to this important area in our subject cities and then critically evaluate specific aspects of the Dublin and Barcelona approaches following our study visits and events in September 2012. 


More information to come!