Canadian and European Cities in MegaRegions: Planning for the Global World


Régent CabanaIt is my great pleasure to welcome you to the MEGAPOLITAN website. Here you will find information about our European-Canadian consortium dedicated to encouraging student mobility, cooperation, and exchange of ideas among four universities in Spain, Ireland, and Canada. MEGAPOLITAN stresses the importance of active student academic involvement through scientific learning and practical training as well as exchange programs.

The MegaRegion concept is based on larger areas with common economic and planning goals that spill over the borders of cities, regions, and states, even countries. The MegaRegion requires a new and improved framework for cooperative governance and financing across jurisdictional boundaries. MEGAPOLITAN looks into the relevance of this new framework for planning and public investment in four Canadian and European cities: Quebec City, Vancouver, Barcelona and Dublin. The program provides students with firsthand academic, social and cultural experiences abroad that are well integrated with the academic program at the home university and in conjunction with city and regional planning departments.

It is my hope that you will enjoy the site and take part in one way or another in this great program that will certainly enrich your academic and personal life.

Régent Cabana
MEGAPOLITAN International Coordinator